Our Firm is involved in negotiating, structuring contractual relationships and drafting, monitoring business contracts:

  • Commercial intermediaries (commercial agents, brokers, introducers, commission agents)
  • Letters of intent,
  • Preparatory agreements and framework contracts,
  • Privacy policies,
  • Memorandums of understanding, etc.


More generally, we can assist you in negotiating and drafting the essential clauses of your contracts, particularly with regard to the 2016 contract law reform:

  • Scheduling future agreements,
  • Instructions for contractual definitions,
  • Price determination & pricing policy,
  • Contractual review mechanisms,
  • Payment organisation,
  • Identification and attribution of intellectual property,
  • Transportation & delivery,
  • Warranties,
  • Liability & risks,
  • Exclusivity & competition,
  • Defining early exit & termination conditions,
  • Assignment and transfer of contracts,
  • Use of general conditions,
  • Choice of the applicable legal system,
  • Alternative methods of dispute resolution.