We are united by a common vision of the legal profession and we share a common philosophy and values



Our Firm attaches great importance to compliance with  ethical and professional rules, in our daily relations with our clients, partners, authorities and courts.


As we are aware of the technical nature of our areas of expertise and the constant changes to the legal rules, we have chosen to only work in the fields of economic law and intellectual property, in order to guarantee our clients a high level of competence and customised services.


We are constantly in touch with the academic world and we take part in discussions on the issues, challenges and innovative techniques of a radically changing social and cultural economic world.


Our Firm supports its clients in the long-term, as part of a genuine qualitative approach, which enables better business knowledge and the development of advice tailored to the operational concerns and constraints linked to sector practices.


Creative technicity

As we are convinced that a lawyer’s role is not just limited to giving legal advice, drafting contracts or support during litigation, we take a resolutely proactive and innovative approach to handling cases.


We are heavily involved and examine your economic needs, issues and desired objectives, in order to offer you creative and cross-functional solutions, as well as innovative structures, which are as close as possible to the economic reality.


Our field knowledge allows us to develop the most appropriate strategies within optimised timeframes in order to be more responsive in crisis situations.


Our Firm is particularly committed to transparency in its relationships with its clients, as well as to the trust resulting therefrom:


  • Pricing transparency:our services are the subject of a quote or prior fee agreement in order to guarantee respect for our commitments and to give you visibility of the services provided.


  • Transparency in monitoring:we will systematically inform you of the follow-up of your case at every stage of its progress.


Given the specific nature of the economic sector and the urgency with which some decisions need to be taken within companies, we put responsiveness at the heart of our commitments.


Our Firm is therefore committed to handling each case or specific request as soon as possible, in order to facilitate your decision-making process.


We favour direct and simple contact with our clients in order to achieve this.